Holden WB One Tonner project


Holden 308c.i. V8 engine block I stripped right down, including removing the all the core plugs. It's been hot dip cleaned, crack tested, bored from a worn, standard bore size out to 30 thou over and machined to zero deck height to even up and raise the compression ratio from the standard 8:1 to 8.5:1 to a maximum safe limit for ULP of 9.6:1.


I thoroughly cleaned the block, masked it up and painted it black.



Another view.



The crank was reground to 10 thou under and all journal edges radiused as much as possible. The rods were fitted with new ARP super high tensile bolts and align bored. All new ACL bearing shells will be fitted.

ValvesMarch 2006 - The cylinder heads are back from Cylinder Head Services - www.heads.co.nz. Here's a picture of the old inlet valve compared to the new larger ones. Their up from 1.75" to 2.02". That's an increase from approx. 2.41 square inches to 3.20 square inches, or around 1/3 increase in valve area - oh yeah!

Here's a skanky old, standard inlet port....



... and here's one of the new worked combustion chambers. They're all equal volume and flow and clearly more streamlined than standard. Exhaust valves remain the same at 1.6", have hardened seats and are also ported. The inlets are Manley Race Master stainless and the exhausts are tuftrided steel, all with new seals and high performance springs.


The pistons should be back this week after being machined to level up the deck heights for an consistent compression ratio of 9.6:1. Then begins the final engine build!


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