Erik in New Zealand


In early August 2003 I moved to Hawkes Bay in New Zealand to take up a job offer I couldn't turn down. I moved straight into a small cottage kindly organised before I arrived.

My wee hoose.Here are some pictures of the cottage and around and about.



The closest beauty spot is Te Mata Peak set in the Te Mata Reserve. This is right on the edge of Havelock North and a great place to go for fresh air and a brisk walk. Napier, the larger of the two 'Bay Cities', was levelled by an earthquake in 1932. As a result, a lot of the architecture, particularly around the centre of the city, was rebuilt in the Art-Deco style - very cool.


My colleague, Kevin, was kind enough to lend me some transport when I arrived. He inherited it from his late father, but having bought a more modern ute the "Golden Holden" was up for sale. Short story, I bought it.



Here's a few social pics.



In February 2004 there were some serious storms passed through.



There are currently more pic's on the old site, but there'll be more here soon. I'm off trail riding at the weekend. The DRZ will lose it's off road virginity and given the current wet weather is't going to be messy...

It was messy!! I ruptured the right, posterior cruciate ligament, required assistance to get myself and the bike back to the start and it's taken over a year to get it feeling really comfortable and strong again. Didn't feel too much like updating the site, not that I'd been out doing much anyway.

Safari Landrover, AfricaIn mid-November 2005 I had a dream first trip to Africa



3.3l straight sixRemember that old thing? Well, it's going to change. I have spent a considerable amount of time researching and procuring a Holden 308c.i. V8, 5.0l in new money, to hot-rod the ute. Watch the progess here, V8 build.



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