Local Scenery

A view of Te Mata Peak from the NNW, towards Napier, looking across the Tuki Tuki River.



Another river, another great view. This is west of Havelock North and Hastings. It's a view of the Ngaruroro River Gorge with the Ruahine Range in the background.



This is a typical view of central Napier, the 'Art-Deco City'. The buildings are all generally well kept which makes a change from my image of Art-Deco, peeling white paint. The canopies are cool in the hot summer sun and when it rains here, it rains!


Nothing to do with squares and dividers, not now anyway, 'The Masonic' is a hotel housed in a really cool building.



A view looking back to the bay from a hill climb (motorsport variety). You can see the 'climb' in the foreground. The jagged profile on the skyline to the right of the picture is a distant Te Mata Peak.



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