A couple of months after my arrival in NZ, Kev's brother-in-law had a dinner party. The theme was Scottish and I provided the menu and the haggis, sourced from a butcher in Auckland. Here's the haggis being served after I recited a short address.


Graham the host in his 'Tie Kilt' complete with sporran containing a couple of bottles of 'Tui', the local beer.




Gareth, who has since departed Sirtrack to pursue a career as a motorcycle mechanic, competing at a local motocross meet.



For Gareth's leaving do we went go-karting. I spent a lot of time sideways in the tight corners, fun but not fast.



Hawkes Bay Car Club hold a few hill climbs on closed sections of public road. Here are a few pics. This is an immaculate, original MK1 Lotus Cortina. Good to see it doing what it was built for.



Big Mustang not the ideal car for a tight twisty track, but very rapid and sounded fantastic. At the other end of the scale... A small, loud, high revvin' and extremely well sorted Datsun is perfect on this kind of track.


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